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Analogeingabe-Modul Plc Abb Brett 3BHE005936R6001 ABB

Herkunftsort: Schweden
Markenname: ABB
Zertifizierung: CO.CQ
Modellnummer: 3BHE005936R6001
Zahlung und Versand AGB:
Min Bestellmenge: 1
Preis: inquiry
Verpackung Informationen: neu und ursprünglich mit der Fabrik versiegelt
Lieferzeit: heute
Zahlungsbedingungen: T/T
Versorgungsmaterial-Fähigkeit: 10 Stücke ein Tag


Fertigungs-Jahr: 2020 System des Betrug-6DS1311-8AEtrol: 3BHE005936R6001
Anwendung: Atomkraftwerk Vorbereitungs- und Anlaufzeit: auf Lager
Beschreibung: ABB Gewicht: 4lbs



3BHE005936R6001 ABB Board Plc Abb Analog Input Module


3BHE005936R6001 ABB Board plc modules


Brand/Manufacturer ABB/SWEDEN
Part Number


Alternate Part Number


Description plc modules
Dimennsions 17.6cm x 11.2cm x 5.5cm
Weight 0.24kg


Product Details

The product is a circuit board normally mounted inside the robot controller. As an option,

it may also be mounted in an external I/O module. The combi I/O unit handles digital and analog communication between the robot system and any external systems.

Technical data:

No. of digital inputs 8

No. of digital outputs 8

No. of analog outputs 2 (galvanically isolated from the controller electronics); 0-10 V, 12 bit unsigned encoding

Supply voltage 24 VDC

Power supply, digital and analog I/O Integrated power supply in controller. Separate 24 VDC power, supplied by customer in non-ABB external I/O unit.

SW connections Support for the following connections: Polled; Change-Of-State; Change-Of-State with acknowledge suppression; Cyclic ; Cyclic with acknowledge suppression.

Analogeingabe-Modul Plc Abb Brett 3BHE005936R6001 ABB


ABB Events

Digital avatars for powertrains expand digital twin concept

A digital twin is an almost identical copy of a physical device. However, to really benefit from digital opportunities, a digital representation with more capabilities than the physical object is desirable. This “digital avatar” interacts with the digital world in ways its physical counterpart cannot.

Modern industry strives to meet many challenges, such as operational excellence, better efficiency and improved profitability. In short, what is called for is to produce more with less, with a larger profit and to do it in an environmentally friendly way.


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